Bud felt his mind dizzy, and the dividing line between reality and dream was clearer than ever. He felt that he was waking up quickly, and before he was completely out of this dream, he heard Gawain’s calm command: “Immediately after waking up Stand by, do nothing but stay awake, wait for us to come down to take care of it.” The
chamber began to collapse, and the fragments of soil and rock turned into nothingness. The gleaming particles and lines dissipated in nothingness, and Bertila standing in the middle of the hall was at a loss. Looking at all this, suddenly, there was a hint of clarity in her eyes, and her expression instantly became vivid.
She seemed to be awake from a big dream, and as if she was only 南京品茶网 half awake. With a half-dream and half-awake expression, she looked at Gawain, who was about to disappear completely , and opened her mouth slightly.
On the surface, Gawain slowly opened his eyes, and the perceptions of the real world quickly returned to his body, and the connection from the spiritual level gradually calmed down. Without surprise, he saw Amber’s big face plate hitting himself again. In front of him, he stretched out his hand and pushed it away. The latter didn’t care, and while waving his arms to keep balance while backing, he shouted: “Are you awake?”
Gao Wen gave a hmm, shaking his head gently to dispel the last bit of discomfort. And the last reverberation from the dream also appeared in his movements and quickly dissipated: “Brother, I got into trouble.”
He frowned with a weird expression, but in the 南京炮网 next second he returned to his normal face, but he was just pushed away. Humber’s screaming screamed and came over: “Hey, what’s wrong with you, his expression was serious just now”
Gawain had to push away the shame of all things again.
Why this guy who doesn’t usually do anything can only be so keen on six senses when it’s not necessary.