It’s just that she didn’t expect that Ren Xiaosu was still connected with the 178 barrier.
Wang Shengzhi smiled disregardingly: “This is nothing like a city. He doesn’t trust us and it’s normal, but he has this vigilance to survive in the wilderness, but at his age, he doesn’t know what he has experienced to have such vigilance. . ” ”
cheated is cheated! “Wang Sheng Yin not happy.
At this moment, Zhang Jinglin got out of the car, and there was a team of people behind him guarding 南京水磨会所 him. Zhang Jinglin smiled at the people behind him: “You don’t need to be so nervous, you are old friends.”
But no matter what he said, the Biao behind him The big guys followed him closely, and someone whispered: “What if someone wants to harm you.”
Wang Shengzhi laughed at this scene. He was a little envious that Zhang Jinglin had such a high position in the 178 barrier. It was obviously a weak text. The scholar, but it happened to be embraced by a group of northwestern men.
EXPLOSIVES behind the crowd, with a heavily armed, looks very vicious, which is to put them under the jurisdiction of the barriers, I am afraid that artificial intelligence will feel they are not a good person, and then notify the Order Division arrested them all
but just At this moment, Zhang Jinglin also suddenly saw Ren Xiaosu. He frowned and just greeted Wang Shengzhi briefly and came to Ren Xiaosu: “What’s the matter? Six yuan? Where is Xiaoyu?”
Like Xu Xianchu, Zhang Jinglin opened. Ren Xiaosu glanced at the wound at the hem of his shirt: “A sharp weapon 南京龙凤网 penetrates the wound, is it the same as the wounds of some of our soldiers who were attacked before?”
Someone behind him leaned forward and took a look: “It’s stitched up, I can’t see it, or let’s remove the stitches. Look?”
Ren Xiaosu was speechless for a while. How can anyone remove stitches to see if the wound hasn’t healed.
Zhang Jinglin asked seri