“Nothing will happen next, everyone restore the scene as soon as possible, and then Go back to their respective posts and prepare to welcome the next batch of tourists.”
After the explanation, Chen Ge walked out of the underground scene.
Lao Zhou has transported the unconscious tourists to the entrance, and Chen Ge only needs to push them all out.
Pulling open the thick blackout curtain, as the corpse truck creaked, all the tourists gathered outside the horror room looked at where 南京龙凤网 Chen Ge was.
With the warm sun shining on him, Chen Ge launched the first car of tourists.
“I’m a good boy! It looks like there is no survivor!”
“You see how peaceful they smile.”
“Do you want ice cream anymore? Cry again? Cry again when you grow up and 南京桑拿论坛 send you to the horror room to visit ”
Why are the people who post everywhere to challenge the most difficult scenes disappear? A lesson from the former, the master of the latter?” In
front of so many tourists, Chen Ge will be the top designer of other haunted houses Launch: “Uncle Xu, can you please call some more people over.”
“There are more people behind?”
“After transporting this car, there are three more cars.”
Chen Ge transported all the tourists who visited the scene of the dead tire, and some of the tourists before. As guessed, all the tourists were in a coma, and none of them could stand up.
Uncle Xu has already contacted people and rushed the tourists to the park infirmary. If there is a coma in another park, it must be a major event.
But in New Century Paradise, even many tourists have become accustomed to it.
A dozen 南京419论坛 people went into a coma, and there was no chaos in the park order. Everyone was still in order. The queues that should be lined up and the visits that should be visited are at most just taking one or two photos or recording a small video as a souvenir.
After less than ten minutes, everything returned to normal.
At twelve o’clock at noon, the