Chapter 305 Linjiang Schistosomiasis Station
“They are indeed different from ordinary criminals. They are more purposeful and more frantic.” Chen Ge remembered a story he had heard in the Ghost Story Association: “This group of lunatics once drowned a middle-aged man in a water tank. , And the reason they did this was to treat a companion.”
“The murder is to cure the disease?” Yan team felt very absurd.
“The patient was subjected to domestic 南京夜生活论坛 violence since he was a child. His father repeatedly pushed him into the pool, insulted, threatened, and claimed to drown him. This gave him an indelible psychological shadow.”
“When he grew up, Whenever I see the water, I feel scared. I even feel that my soul is going to be submerged every time I drink water. I have an unspeakable sense of suffocation.”
“The treatment plan other patients made for him is to erase the source of fear. In their opinion, the patient was not afraid of water, but his father.”
This story was told by one of the members of the association when the female broadcaster asked about it, and Chen Ge secretly wrote it down.
“There are a group of lunatics in the third ward. They know that they are abnormal and suffering from diseases, but they don’t approve of the public’s treatment methods and want to use 南京品茶网 their own methods to heal themselves.”
Chen Ge’s words caused Yan Team to fall into contemplation: “Citizens’ personal rights are protected by law. No one can illegally deprive others of their lives. No matter what the lunatics do, they can’t escape the law.”
“I won’t excuse the lunatics, just tell you. Fact.” Chen Ge walked around the room with the phone: “The dead are all guilty people,