Let’s report on the results of this month in general. Wanzu is as fierce as ever, and I am grateful to you for your support. They won the seventh monthly ticket championship and won the championship for seven consecutive times!
In terms of average ordering, it happens to be 67,000 average orders. Next month, it should be able to reach 70,000 average orders. The 24-hour follow-up order has not changed much. It has not dropped and has not increased. It is about 43,000. The peak period has reached 45,000. Anti-piracy At that time, it reached 70,000, but it was short-lived, not to mention it.
Wanzu is almost 7 million words, and it can still maintain two-thirds 南京龙凤网 of the average order, which is beyond imagination, thank you again for your support!
With 7 million words, Ten Thousand Clan is entering the middle and late stages, and the following pages will gradually unfold. A series of strong players will return. I think the later stage is still very exciting. Let’s sit and watch Su Yu sling all parties.
I have been too busy recently. In fact, I read the chapter recently and said that there are obviously more typos than before. This is a bit sorry. I still have time to read it and change it. Let’s fix the typo a little bit.
Not much nonsense, there are still two hours in December, seven consecutive championships have been won, eight consecutive championships are not far away!
Let’s keep going!
In December, if you don’t write 800,000 words, wouldn’t it be the eagle’s incompetence?
Eagle, I have expressed my opinion. Two hours later, my brothers and sisters will support it again. In the last month of 2020, we will give him another vote. After eight consecutive years, we will not be able to do it in 2021. You know, Squid January Let’s do it on the shelves, in the 南京桑拿会所 last month of this year, let us suppress the heavens!
Okay, let’s just say so much. Xindi will start in January and set off towards the end of heaven and earth, and do it!
Thank you