“If someone 南京夜生活论坛 finds a beast in the Hunting Heaven Pavilion, report it to the Xia family quickly
, and you will receive rewards.” “Kill one person, you can also 南京品茶网 receive a reward.”
“Kill Xuan Jiu, Daxia Mansion will reward millions of contributions.” The
entire city moved instantly.
A breath came out one after another, so be careful not to be killed by the Xia family.
Hunting Tiange said that he wanted to determine the authenticity of the ruins, maybe they were really mixed into the city.
The small town is not big, if there are strong people hiding, it is still easy to find.
At this moment, a group of white noodles, under the leadership of Bai Yi, were monitoring them dozens of miles away from Nan Yuan.
Feeling the fluctuations in Nanyuan City, a white face smiled and said: “Xuan Jiu provokes the Xia family this time. As soon as I heard that we were going to investigate, the Xia family didn’t care about it and targeted us specifically.”
“Xuan Jiu guy, Courageous”
“Bai Yi enforces the 南京炮网 law, does Hunting Heaven Pavilion have sources of information for the information in the city?”
Bai Yi nodded slightly, but said nothing.
Yes, naturally there is.
The fourth branch of the Hunting Heaven Pavilion was settled, but before the two pavilions of the East and the West had also arranged manpower, Nan Yuan had long been taken seriously, and of course manpower was also placed in the past.
Outsiders are speculating, waiting, judging whether Xuan Jiu will go to Nanyuan to investigate the situation.
Naturally, Su Yu would not go.
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