Isn’t it, Zhao Huo? Besides Sun Shu, did you also provoke other coquettish wild cats?
Zhao Huo glanced at Ren Suo bitterly, was silent for a moment, and said, “I stepped on the banana peel and fell out. Don’t ask. By the way, Ren Suo, I bought more snacks and give it to you.”
Ren Suo took over Zhao Huo’s snack bag and found that it was packed with milk and spicy fish. He blinked, “Is there nothing else?”
Nothing else I gave you something, and you still asked
Zhao Huo to look helpless, if not. The black cat ran away when he saw him. He couldn’t find a chance to apologize, otherwise he would not need to give it to Ren Suo.
Zhao Huo didn’t say it clearly. Xiao Meng might not believe it when he said it, Ren Suo was sure. Will believe it-but if you 南京桑拿论坛 expose it, Ren Suo will know that he has cursed him to die.
The black cat was mostly able to understand people, and then visited Ren Suo anxiously, and found that Ren Suo had cheated on his corpse, so he was angrily troubled by himself.
Zhao Huo’s 南京龙凤论坛 education since he was a child is “accept mistakes and fight back”. He failed to block the black cat’s attack. He was incompetent. He willingly bowed to the wind (and the black cat just scratched him), so he was obedient. I confessed the wrong delivery of food.
Ren Suo glanced at Xiao Meng suspiciously, and instantly understood-Ouch, Zhao Huo, you are broken! The three kingdoms are in a strong state, you still have a Nanban invasion?
However, no matter how happy he is, he won’t tear down the stage on the spot, saying: “You have come too early, and no one else has arrived. You can go back first, or sit here.”
Zhao Huo asked, “How many people are eating together today?”
Ren Suo began to count his fingers: “First, my dad, my mother, me, sister,
and then friends in the academy, you, Xiao Meng, Cheng Ling, Yue Yan, Lin Xianyu, Bai 南京炮网 Ji, Qin Lian,
and then It’s from the countermeasures bureau, Qiao Muyi, Yu Kuangtu,