“It is not difficult to find out the news of the Ronin group with Ah Wei’s influence. Even if the specific whereabouts of the Ronin group cannot be obtained, does the other party have the Golden Triangle and the Thai border? Appears, basically it can be summarized.”
What Ah Wei did in the Golden Triangle was to go deep into the darkness and ignite the light on the one hand, and on the other hand to help the drug lord to commit crimes.
A balance is taken in the middle.
The goal is to completely destroy the dark 南京龙凤网 underground forces all over the world: the ether society.
Needless to say this kind of struggle.
Anyway, Ah Wei is doing very well at the moment. He lives up to the weight of the police uniform and the value of the old man.
After Zhuang Shikai got the news, he was puzzled again.
“Does the Ronin group really hide it well?”
“It hides it so well… how
can it be traced to the Thai police ?” “As long as the Thai police can touch the traces, the Golden Triangle can definitely be touched!”
Because of Thailand In the border situation, the Golden Triangle drug lords have more energy than the Thai police. There is no news that the Thai police can touch, and the Golden Triangle drug lords will not be able to touch…
There is a conflict between the two!
Unless it’s fake news!
Zhuang Shikai fell into thinking
that night.
Wei Jingda 南京419论坛 was sitting in a room, holding a disposable paper box, and using a fork to pick up the noodles in the bowl and put it into his mouth: “Shoot.”
With scars on his face, he moved quickly to eat, as if he was stunned by a needle. Seconds are average.
“Buck.” In the
room, the other seven people bowed their heads and ate the noodles without saying a word, cherishing time very much.
Those who have come down from the battlefield have been baptized by the flames of war, knowing that food is precious, and knowing how sacred it is to “eat”.
They can’t do the same thing as the “petty bourgeoisie elites” in developed areas, eatin