battle, I will give you his Tao!” In the field, Skyfire from the Vulcan clan opened his mouth 南京炮网 and was speechless for a while.
I have nothing to say!
And Su Yu quickly laughed and said: “Just kidding, there is more than one flame together! For example, the way of five elements cultivated by Floating Earth Spirit, there is the way of flame, this thing, I will improve it later!”
Huo Yun Hou, who entered the Heavenly King level earlier, but now he has not been able to break through, which is indeed a bit regrettable.
Su Yu judged it, in fact, it wasn’t necessarily that Huo Yunhou didn’t give much strength, but that he did not have enough understanding of the way of burning. If he took the fire way, he might have broken through.
But sometimes, it’s really about luck.
Huo Yunhou was a little lost, did not say anything, and quickly retreated.
Among the “Xinghong”
crowd, Xinghong walked out with a sigh, and lowered his head and said, “Your Majesty, I let go of Kendo! I want to give Yunxiao. I may be really old, and my fighting spirit is not as good as before. Kendo, too. As a swordsman, my killing intent is not enough. I am not as aggressive as Tianmie, and not as aggressive as the sky.”
This is the first guard who supported Su Yu a long time 南京桑拿论坛 ago. This time, it was Failed to keep up with the team.
Before Su Yu went to the Upper Realm, the only guard he brought was Xinghong.
Xinghong was also stronger than Tianmie before. However, after integrating into Swordsmanship that day, Tianmie has broken through, but Xinghong has stopped at the level of the heavenly kings, and has been unable to cross this step for a long time.
Su Yu looked at him, feeling a little regretful. In fact, Xinghong Suyu had opened a small stove for him many times alone. Su Yu turned into a half-dead spirit, met Xingyue, and formed an alliance with the ancient city.
It can be said that all this started from Xinghong.
However, this man has always supported his guard in the early days, and now, he is tire