Chen Ge looked at the man’s face and felt a little familiar. After thinking about it for a long time, he remembered that he had seen it on the phone of the engineer of the Virtual Future Park. A photo seems to be a gathering scene, and there is this President Bai in it.
Why do people who are working with Virtual Future Park suddenly come to cooperate with New Century Park?
With doubts, Chen Ge calmly glanced at Director Chao Luo.
The other party understood, and gently pressed his palm, then pointed at himself, indicating that Chen Ge knows all these things, and then just leave it to him.
Luo Dong is a successful businessman, and it is better for them to handle matters between them.
Chen Ge 南京桑拿会所 didn’t talk any more, he always felt that Luo Dong had his own plan, he wanted to swallow the other party’s benefits while not allowing the other party’s conspiracy to succeed.
“I hope everything goes well.”
Watching a few people leave, Chen Ge felt a sense of urgency from Director Luo. If it weren’t for too much pressure on him by the virtual future park, he would probably not make any dangerous moves.
“It seems that I have to speed up my progress. I will complete the other tasks in Dongjiao first. If there is resistance, I will directly feed Zhang Ya and Bai Qiulin.” After two days of relaxation, Chen Ge felt that he could no longer do this. .
At nine o’clock, the park opened, and a new day officially began.
In the corridor of a certain community in the eastern suburbs, Wenwen cried loudly with her hands on the door, her big eyes 南京炮网 full of tears, which made people feel distressed.
“I have promised you to go to the amusement park, and now you have to fulfill your promise with me and go to school obediently.” The woman in professional attire squatted next to Wenwen, trying to hug her, but Wenwen grabbed the door. Refused to let go.
Although Wenwen’s father suffers from a disease and has much lower int