words are the cruelest!
He doesn’t rely on those, he relies on robbed and killed.
Su Yu saw that Fa took the initiative to speak, and smiled: “Fa, since he took the initiative to speak, Riyue 南京419论坛 didn’t want to say more, but you would tell me, what is going on at Tianmen?”
Fa lightly said: “Don’t you know all of them? People have four disciples, and eight chiefs are loyal! The sword, the martial arts, and me are all disciples. In fact, there is still one, but he died that year. It’s in the dark, the leader is in the Ming! Eight heads, Zhou betrayed him, and even replaced his ancestral name. In fact, from this we can see that the ancestors of one or two people, apart from the founders of the first clan, dare to be called ancestors later. ? ” ”
Chen is also the year was killed, the sun and the moon are Man’s humanitarian holy land, that is the door, next day and did not die, which may be in the door. ”
Su Yu nodded:” you are his disciple, that You should know that he opened the sky, right?”
Fa nodded slightly: “He 南京水磨会所 opened the sky back then. He is extremely strong. Of course, he is very low-key but useless! People have long known his strength. , Back then, like you, we were also facing the danger of annihilation. At that time, it was not the three doors that opened, but the human door and the earth door. However, the human door was extremely mysterious and low-key. The earth door was a pioneer and the earth door was much better than it is now! ”
Fa laughed at himself: “In that era, our main opponent was the Dimen, which was our last era, the Chaos Age! In the Kaitian era, there were really many strong people, but in the Chaos era, the world was sealed. The ancient beasts you see are not strong now, that is because most of the strong batches of that year were killed by us!”
“Many strong men died in battle in that era! In fact, most of the 南京桑拿论坛 founders of the ten thousand races were dead. In that period! For example, I remember the five element spirits that traversed t