This dog is really strong!
Su Yu was also a little depressed, and the coercion was too strong. Hearing this, he immediately smiled and said, “I know, I didn’t expect the coercion of the corpse just now!”
Su Yu said, looked at the huge corpse above his head and sucked. Sighed.
“This is the ruler! Great! Even if it’s dead, it’s just a corpse, it will
overwhelm the eternal 9th ??dan!” Su Yu is also shocked, the ruler is stronger than imagined!
In other words, even if the wild beast was in the ancient times, it was not a weak person, otherwise it would not be killed by the King Wen himself. There were many ancient kings, and the King Wen ranked first in the king. He personally killed 南京龙凤网 it, which means that other kings may not be able to match it!
Previously, Emperor Wu said that if you hit him, there is no hope for the ten alike, but it might not be possible to hit him!
That wild beast is alive, maybe no worse than the other side.
Shihedao Su Yu thinks about it and knows how terrible it is.
And it may not be able to fight!
Su Yu felt that the Eastern Heavenly King was too strong, and it was hard to beat five or six people in the same way.
Qin also continue to inhale large at the moment: “This is the main rule of the dead that are alive and strong alive, beat us, is it that easy to extremely ancient awful so terrible antiquity, the destruction???!?”
This It was also the first time he saw the power of the ruler!
It’s just a corpse!
Just this, he was a bit out of breath!
King Da Qin said in shock: “It is 南京龙凤论坛 rumored that the King of Hundred Wars can match the King of the Enemy. Doesn’t it mean that he is also at this level?”
Su Yu smiled and said: “It should not be so strong! Lord, then he is probably comparable to the four heavenly kings of the Necro Realm, maybe he is stronger! I heard that he can fight more than a dozen gangs, and the Eastern Heavenly King is a little strenuous to fight five.”
Far away, little white dog When I heard it, I interrupted at this time: