Zhang Hao His eyes were sharp, “It’s possible! 南京品茶网 If so, then I’m amazing! Controlling hundreds of drops of soul eater essence and blood, even if you deal with the sky, hundreds of 南京炮网 talent bursts, it can corrode the opponent’s willpower and severely damage the opponent!”
Zhang Hao swallowed and said, “Don’t say, Su Yu, your idea may really be realized! At that time, I will be an army of soul-eaters. Of course, it depends on how much I can peel off and the willpower. Strong, the number of times I can really explode now is only about a hundred times.”
“Hundreds of divine writing explosions, because my divine writing is not too strong, I can actually blow up weak people like Lin Qing, but once the soul eater essence and blood are added, let alone Lin Qing, it is Zhan Hai, who was blown up by me. A hundred times, I probably have to cry!”
Zhan Hai hasn’t vacated yet!
Using the soul-eater’s essence and blood to explode corrosive skills, corroding him, burning him, can Zhan Hai not cry?
Thinking of this, Zhang 南京龙凤论坛 Hao blushed with excitement!
It seems to have started a new life!
Su Yu smiled and said: “Don’t get excited, there are many difficulties! In addition, the cost of talent essence and blood is also high. The Soul Eater talent is actually a martial skill, mainly for vitality mutation. Of course, there is essence and blood on the periphery, which can provide vitality, but it has no effect. ”
Nevertheless, Su Yu said: “The main issue is cost. Even if you can do this, you need to know the price of a drop of talented blood? If you explode a hundred drops at a time, then you can hurt people like Zhan Hai. , How much money do you get?”
Zhang Hao was dumbfounded, as if he was too!
What about him, talent and blood are very expensive, right?
“How much is a drop?”
“This thing, even if