Su Yu was very surprised and hurriedly
said: “Hetu ran away?”
“Yes, I went to 南京龙凤网 find reinforcements.” Laogui didn’t care too much, and smiled: “It’s not the first time he went to find reinforcements! Listen to him. Recently, in the Necropolis Tianhe, a Necromancer has revived, and his strength is strong. He may have gone to that one.”
Su Yu scratched his head, what Hetu meant when he heard this, how did it feel that he was looking for his parents.
No, it’s like being a thug!
When the old turtle mentioned He Tu, he smiled a little more, “He Tu’s memories have not been fully recovered, and many things have been forgotten. I hope that his old rival will not recover. Once the memories related to him are restored, he will be unlucky. At the same time.”
Hetu may have forgotten his enemy, but the enemy may not forget him. If this happens, it will be interesting.
Su Yu was also speechless. Hearing what Laogui said, he 南京桑拿论坛 wanted to see such a scene very much.
As he was thinking about it, 南京龙凤论坛 the old turtle smiled lightly: “If you are dead and recover in the necromancy world, you must be careful. Don’t meet your old opponent. You may have forgotten the other person, but the other person may remember you. ”
Curse me!
Su Yu was slanderous in his heart and didn’t dare to scold him.
Don’t ask, he learned a lot of information in Laogui, which is enough. Sometimes, the old man is good and knows everything. Although he may not tell you, he won’t be confused!
At this moment, outside the city, the ancient city of Xinghong disappeared.
The old tortoise didn’t care, and quickly said: “If you are okay, play by yourself
, the old man will go to sleep!” Su Yu found out that the old guys like to sleep!
It’s no wonder that