Lao Li couldn’t wait to remember every word the other party said in his head, because the information was too important, and a little bit of information might lead to errors later.
What the experimenter didn’t know was that their knights were also looking for the hidden laboratory where the Tinder Company used to be, and there were also people they were looking for.
It’s just because there was too much information missing after the catastrophe, and the founder died in the catastrophe. Even Tinder Company and Qinghe Group 南京桑拿会所 don’t know where the heir of Qinghe is. It’s just that the founder left a sentence and his son must be back. Alive.
This matter has almost become the obsession of the knights, as long as they don’t find the child for a day, they won’t even die.
Before Lao Li’s master died, he only confessed one thing, that he must find the knight’s heir.
The words the subject said now made Lao Li’s heartbeat suddenly speed up. He suddenly wondered whether he and the subject were looking for the same person?
If not, would that knight heir also become an experimental subject? Or is this experimental subject in front of you?
Old Li tentatively asked: “Since you have recovered your sanity, what did you do before?”
“Me?” The subject smiled, “Heir to a certain consortium.”
Old Li was stunned: “Qinghe? ”
He is going crazy, the descendants of the knight have become experimental subjects? How could he explain 南京419论坛 this 南京桑拿论坛 to other knights?
In the end, the subject shook his head and said hoarsely: “I belong to the
Li family . I am afraid that you have never heard of the consortium before the catastrophe.” At this time, Lao Li suddenly felt a sense of surprise that he wanted tears to fill his eyes. This experimental subject is just fine!
Wait, will that be one of the experimental subje