Although not much information was disclosed and the people in the hotline section of the Bureau of Investigation did not understand, they still reported it in accordance 南京炮网 with the “reporting requirements”, and it was quickly reported to Feng Wenxuan’s ears, and Feng Wenxuan answered the phone.
After all, the Bureau of Investigation is the part that faces the public. It is not that troublesome to find it. Moreover, regardless of the superiority of officials, if you have enough information, identity, and want to make a phone call to a senior official, it is not difficult.
The difficulty lies in whether your status is high enough and whether the information can attract the attention of senior officials. If not, the official must be very busy. If possible? Just like today, it will get through as soon as possible, and it is also an appointment for dinner in the evening.
“Director Feng, you are younger than I thought.”
That night.
Taiwan Island, a private club.
Zhuang Shikai came to the club secretly by car 南京夜生活论坛 and met the current head of investigation, 南京桑拿会所 Feng Wenxuan.
After he sat on the sofa, he stretched out his hand to Feng Wenxuan next to him.
Feng Wenxuan looks elegant and has outstanding temperament. Wearing a suit, he holds Sir Zhuang’s hand and said: “Mr. Zhuang, I have long admired the name, the younger generation is fortunate to see it, I don’t know how to enlighten me?”
Feng Wenxuan’s polite speech was very direct. Zhuang Shikai also directly preached: “I am here for the campaign, Rose is my woman, Zhou Dynasty first, Ding
Zongshu is my enemy.” “Which way are you helping?” Zhuang Shikai looked directly at Feng Wenxuan’s. The gaze forced Feng Wenxuan’s expression into a daze, and he didn’t react for a while…Wh