dy rushed 南京桑拿会所 forward and ravaged Ren Suo a hundred times, a hundred times.
Seeing Qiao Muyi want to cry but resisted crying, he looked like a child whose toy was lost and recovered. , Ren Suo scratched his head and said, “Master, you believe me, as long as I’m by your side, all your difficulties will be easily solved-I have already used my life to guarantee it yesterday.”
Qiao Muyi’s nose twitched deeply . With a trembling voice, he asked in a complicated tone: “Why can you be so sure?”
Ren Suo finished eating the fried chicken wings in his hand, his mouth was greasy, he thought for a while and said, “Because you are the protagonist of the legend, you will be sure in the future. He will become the wind and cloud of this era, a great figure in the extraordinary era, and be admired by everyone as a demon king.”
Ren Suo blinked, and he found that Qiao 南京龙凤论坛 Muyi was already in tears for some reason, and his nose was crying. Blowing bubbles.
She wiped her nasal blisters with her sleeves and inhaled fiercely, with a cry in her voice: “You, do you know, I take Line 3 to work every day, and I pass by the subway station on Tianqing Road.”
“I sometimes go skating on the fifth 南京419论坛 floor of the square over there. The ice surface is very smooth after the ice is finished, and it is very comfortable to slide. It doesn’t take much effort.”
daze Ren Suo nodded affirmatively: ” The protagonist of a person.”
“There is a Korean barbecue restaurant there. I just discovered it. I think next time you and Chengling come to the city to play, I will definitely take you to try it.”
“There is also a game center, there are many Arcade games. I really like going there to play taiko drums. I think you will definitely like that place.”
“If the seeker does not show up and the source of chaos destroys it, not only Lianjiang people will hate me, myself I also hate myself! Why can’t I do anything, why I can only watch this happen”
“Where is such a helpless protagonist” Qiao Muyi bit his lower lip and couldn’t help wiping tears